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All Tech

All-Tech Hydraulic & Mechanical Inc.

All-Tech Hydraulic & Mechanical Inc., while still serving its customers in New Brunswick, is continuously searching for new opportunities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Quebec. All-Tech works in conjunction with its partner companies in Wabush, NL by providing a weekly transport service to and from Wabush. This transport service allows us to do work in New Brunswick that otherwise could not be turned over as quickly due to work loads and Human Resource issues that are currently challenging the companies in Labrador. This transportation service has been one of the essential factors in the RDM Group’s recent success. Read More


Precision Machine Works Inc.

Our customers in Wabush, Labrador are continually impressed and pleased with the level of service and quality that is offered through RDM Group. Precision Machine Works Inc. is a fully equipped machining and welding facility with a 6000 square foot shop. Precision focuses on the day-to-day requirements of our clients. Precision operates on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis, providing our customers with full service whenever they need it. The shop has fully qualified machinists, mechanics, and welders, ready to tackle any type of project assigned to them. Read More


ProTech Mechanical Inc.

ProTech Mechanical Inc. was formed to address our clients’ site/field operations. ProTech has three fully equipped service units that offer full teardowns, site removals, and rebuilds of all heavy mining equipment. ProTech has been involved in the rebuilds of equipment as large as a PC5500 Komatsu shovel. The company is continuing to grow by looking at markets such as Shefferville, and by starting to provide mobile industrial service. Read More

Evasion Air Aviation

Evasion Air

At Evasion Air, we keep it simple and our clients deserve our full attention. You want to learn to fly as private plane or as a career? At Evasion Air you get all the programs and materials you need for your training. Evasion Air Aviation offers Recreational license, Private Pilot License and Commercial License. Read More

Evasion Air Elite

Evasion Air Elite Inc.

Evasion Air Elite Inc. provides professional air charter services to the Lab-West area, and other destinations North and throughout Atlantic Canada, from the Chaleur Region. Read More

Modern Pumps

Modern Pumps & Metals Inc.

As of 2015, Modern Pumps & Metals Inc. is the RDM Group’s newest member. Incorporated since 1988, Modern Pumps has proven to be one the leading pumping solution companies  in the region. With a fresh culture, and under our team of management, we believe that we can increase the success of Modern Pumps to new levels. We are excited to establish Modern Pumps' prominence as a vital member of the RDM team, not only for it’s industrial pumping support, but also by the addition of an immense value to the RDM Group’s corporate profile. Read More

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