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Recent Work

Committed to Continuous Improvement.

R.D.M. Group of Companies is a collection of six companies dedicated to bettering the industrial manufacturing workplace. The group includes All-Tech Hydraulic & Mechanical Inc., Precision Machine Work Inc., Protech Mechanical Inc., Modern Pumps and Metals Inc, Evasion Air Aviation and Evasion Air Elite. With over 30 years of combined experience, our six companies collaborate together to provide the highest possible quality of service and work. As an eager, rapidly growing business, we are always searching for innovative and more effective methods of providing our services. The companies are prominent in the mining and aviation industry and offer services such as full custom manufacturing, turnkey system manufacturing, hydraulic systems testing. Evasion Air Aviation and Evasion Air Elite offer services such as flight training, pilot for a day, flight tours and fly in fly out.

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To provide the North American industrial sector with steel fabrication and mechanical solution excellence.

How we aim to do this

We will serve our customers, staff and partners by focusing on continuously improving our work practices. We will do our part to build a more sustainable economy for our region by collaborating in marketing and key operations. We enjoy our work, we love where we live, and we seek to build on this. Along with serving our local market, we understand that we must take a role in seeking emerging markets and export opportunities.

We will focus on always finding better ways to do things. Continuous improvement, adopting rigorous health, safety & environmental standards, and employee commitment to a safer and more productive work environment will help us build a better community.

We will seek to be the best we can in focusing on kaizen principles for continuous improvement, in exploring collaborative business practices, and in the development of a supply chain that embraces our opportunities and the ability to build a sustainable economy for all our stakeholders.

A culture of Safety.

Training is provided to all employees, as required, to ensure compliance with provincial regulations, customer requirements, and most importantly to ensure that all of our employees are conducting business in a safe and conscientious manner. Our in-house trainers provide orientation training to each new employee, which is then followed throughout to ensure the right tools and abilities are matched to each task. Third party training is regularly provided to employees as is required by customer sites, and various provincial stipulations. It is with constant communication that we evaluate training needs and accordingly ensure that all employees retain up-to-date certifications.

Risk mitigation is a priority for our group. Risk analyses are conducted to ensure the scope of work for any job is fully recognized, and that any hazard presented is identified. In the event the identified risks cannot be removed, then effective mitigation plans must be initiated to lower/remove the risk prior to commencing work. We understand that controlling and minimizing risk is an ongoing process that requires planning and attention, and with a team effort we are able to achieve our goals.

Community accountability is essential. We live and work in these communities of which we are proud to be part of. Our operation principles ensure that we maintain solid operations, which consider the environmental and social impact on our community. We employ all members of RDM Group to be responsible and accountable for their actions. It is with this direction and focus that we are able to operate as a proud member of our region(s).

We take quality assurance seriously.

RDM Group of Companies has developed a quality manual that sets goals as to the quality and effectiveness of our work. The quality manual discusses topics such as ‘Quality Objectives’ as well as ‘Product Realization’. This manual is set in place to achieve the maximum work effectiveness while not compromising the quality of our work.

ISO certified since 2011


CWB division 2 since 2012


Quality Policy

Ensure all products are manufactured in the most efficient manner such that clients' needs and expectations in quality are met, or exceeded.

Employ ongoing improvement principles that leverage industry "Best Practices", including training of employees, adherence to proven procedures, and a culture which strives to achieve the highest quality for clients. All-Tech's operations continually challenge all aspects with the goal of "Build Better Best".

Proving Quality Services since 1990.

Environmental Policy

The RDM Group of Companies are committed to providing quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimises our potential impact on the environment. We will operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

We shall:

  • Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision making and activities.
  • Promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Train, educate and inform our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work.
  • Reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled, recyclable or refurbished products and materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable.
  • Promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our facility including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources, particularly those that are non-renewable.
  • Minimize use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutions when feasible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and disposed of.
  • Use environmentally responsible products accordingly.
  • When required by legislation, or where significant health, safety or environmental hazards exist, develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spill response programs.
  • Communicate our environmental commitment to clients, customers and the public and encourage them to support it.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance, by minimizing the social impact and damage of activities by periodically reviewing our environmental policy in light of our current and planned future activities.