Modern Pumps & Metals Services

  • Pump Supply
    Pump Supply

    Looking to buy a new or used pump? Modern Pumps & Metals has a variety of pumps that can suit your needs.

  • Pump Rentals
    Pump Rentals

    Modern Pumps & Metals has a selection of pumps available for rent for any type of application.

  • Pump Maintenance
    Pump Maintenance

    Modern Pumps & Metals has a pump repair facility dedicated to the rebuilding and maintenance of pumps.

  • Pump Rebuilds
    Pump Rebuilds Modern Pumps & Metals specializes in complete pump overhauls. We have the experience in taking out-of-service pumps and make them look and operate like new.
  • Rail Siding Access (shipping)
    Rail Siding Access (shipping)

    Modern Pumps & Metals is located in Big River, New Brunswick and has on-site access to a rail siding.